The unusual weather and is the post-Christmas lull an opportunity for investors?

Storm clouds roll across the UK

New Year and Christmas in the UK, as well as in many other property and real estate markets worldwide, is a quiet time of the year. Many individuals grab the opportunity of buying a house before Christmas because it is believed that there are lots of real estate properties being offered with lower prices. There is evidence that the property prices for example all throughout England are softening and falls around 2-3% as the Christmas season approaches.

The HMRC data below show residential property transactions for properties with values in excess of £40,000 in November and December compared to February, March and April. See how the house transactions fall during the post-Christmas lull. Remember when examining these figures that they are transaction figures, recording the actual timing of the completion of the transaction and that many of these purchases will have been agreed before Christmans

· November - 111,080

· December - 107,620


· February - 64,270

· March - 78, 740

· April - 72,140

WHy is there a dip in transactions over this period? Well its probably due to people using their money to pay off their Christmas excesses. In addition to that, it is also a busy time for taxpayers who are looking to accomplish their self-assessment returns. So, finances can be relatively tight and efforts focused elsewhere.


Generally, this time of the year is usually dominated by housing repairs that are often due to central heating systems, damage to roofs and condensation problems. These are usually due to the elements and caused by the winter weather.This year, the extremem bad weather means that there are more instances of damage and repairs that need to be undertaken. According to reports, the heavy floods and rains that damaged properties will cost the insurance companies around £400 million.

here are about 1,800 properties damaged by floods. And when taking into account all the uninsured property damaged by the heavy floods, the real cost of the horrible weather happened in December and January is likely to increase above the mark of £400 million.

The UK is not the only country suffering from these weather extremes parts of Europe including Germany are suffering with recent bad weather believed to be the costliest event for many years. Estimates of the economic impact were put as high as $15.2 billion, while the insured losses cost about $3 billion. This is much greater than the economic losses from the super typhoon Yolanda which hit the Philippines last November and was estimated to cost around $10 billion. 

This time of the year is considered as the best opportunity for the investors to buy a valuable investment. However, this could also be the perfect time to make sure that you have a good and reliable property manager who can deal with any weather related property issues on your behalf. 

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