A Landlord's guide to unilateral notices

This article aims to give a brief introduction to unilateral charges. The article explains what a unilateral charge is and how it is removed.


A Landlord's guide to Houses in Multiple Occupation Legislation

This article provides a detailed guide to explaining the legislation relating to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and the licensing requirements outlined by central government (The Department for Communities and Local Government). It provides more detailed information on HMO legislation than the introductory article A Landlords guide to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).


A Landlord's guide to electrical safety regulations

This article is a brief guide to the electrical regulations that affect tenanted property within England & Wales.


A Landlord's guide Houses in Multiple Occupation

This article provides a guide to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).  It will define a HMO and provide information for landlords and managers who own or manage a HMO and tenants who reside in one.


A Landlord's guide to gas safety

This article is designed to provide brief information on the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 and its implications for all rental properties.  Landlords who rent property for terms of less than seven years must be aware of this legislation and ensure it is complied with.

  • Properties which are covered by the legislation include:
  • residential premises provided for rent by local authorities, housing associations, private sector landlords, housing co-operatives, hostels;
  • rooms let in bed-sit accommodation, private households, bed and breakfast accommodation and hotels;
  • rented holiday accommodation such as chalets, cottages, flats, caravans and narrow boats on inland waterways.


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