Why invest in residential property?


This is the question that we are asked many, many times when we meet people and explain that we are both involved in property related businesses and property investors.  This article is designed to offer our perspective on the reasons why property investment can form a substantial part of anyone’s investment strategy and can provide many the financial freedom they seek.



Property Services

Property Services by K&G Lettings Limited

K&G Lettings Limited are property specialists based in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Our core services are:

  • buying property direct from home owners;
  • letting high quality properties;
  • providing property management services to landlords;
  • offering turn key property development services;
  • sourcing properties for investors.

We serve Hull and the whole of the East Riding.

Our commitment to improving the service we offer our clients has led to the creation of a range of articles, which aim to inform tenants and landlords alike by answering commonly asked questions, exploding any myths that surround renting a property or owning a buy-to-let.

If you have any queries of any of our services, do not hesitate to discuss your needs with one of the team.

For a description of our services read on, or choose a service from the navigation above.


Property Buying Services


Congratulations, you have already taken the first step to selling your home quickly.  Here at K&G Lettings Limited, we specialise at helping home owners to sell their property quickly – no matter what their situation or condition of the house.

Detailed below are just some of the situations where we have been able to assist people who need to sell their home fast.  Find the one that matches your situation and learn how we can help to solve your problems.


Quick House Sale Service

No Contracts, No Hidden Costs And Certainly No Commission!

Congratulations, you are one of the few who have the insight and creativity to think of selling their home without the use of an estate agent.  By removing the estate agent you can save yourself considerable time and money.  After all, what’s the point in paying an estate agent to pick up the phone and call somebody like K&G Lettings Limited when you can do it yourself?  From our experience and knowledge of the property business we understand what homeowners go through when selling their home...


Stop Repossession Service

How to Stop your House Repossession

House repossession is a frigtening experience however, the first step in stopping your house repossession has already been taken. You have stopped denying that you are facing repossession and have taken the effort to look for ways to stop it. This was the biggest hurdle and you have already overcome it!

The next step is to understand the house repossession process.


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