Tenants' Welcome pack

The welcome pack is one of the most important reference document for tenants, providing a range of information on where to find manuals for your appliances to what to do if you have an emergency.  It is an indespensible document that we recommend you browse through when you move in and return towhen you have a question about renting your property.

How to use this website

This page will tell you how to use the Tenant website and explain how to use the Tenant's Website which is designed to provide our Tenants with all of the information they need when renting a property; for example, you will find copies of the manuals that relate to the appliances in your property and information ranging from painting tips and what to do if your tap leaks, to what to do if you need a replacement key.  Read More...


Don't forget to arrange contents insurance

Tenants are responsible for ensuring the contents of a rental property are insured against loss. K&G Lettings Limited have partnered with one of the leading insurance companies in the UK – Endsleigh - to offer tenants quality and cost-effective Contents Insurance. This allows K&G Lettings Limited to continue to take the hassle out of renting a property in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and South Wales...Get a Free Quote


Appliance Manuals

We have collected together all of the manuals for the appliances in your property (where available). These can be found by clicking on the link below or by navigating to the 'Free Tenants Resources' and then by clicking on the heading 'Welcome Pack'. These documents are available to download for free. Review your manuals.


Emergency Procedures

This document provides a guide for tenants to help to resolve emergencies.  The document covers utilities of water, gas and electric.  If you do not find the information required, please contact K&G Lettings Limited.  If the problem is not urgent, please complete a maintenance request form or dowload it from here.  


What to do if a pipe bursts

A burst or leaking pipe can result in extensive damage to both a property and the belongings contained within it. This short article aims to provide you with the information needed to minimise the effect of a burst or leaking pipe. Read More...


Maintenance Request

Should there be a problem with any of the items in the property that are the Landlord's responsibility we will be more than happy to arrange a repair to the item. Before requesting a maintenance visit you should check whose responsibility it is to make the repair; this can easily be done by reading the Tenant's responsibilities matrix. Please note if the maintenance visit identifies that any work is not the responsibility of K&G Lettings Limited a charge will be made to cover the costs of the visit - if in doubt contact a member of the team. There are a number of checks that you can do to ensure your house is prepared to summer or winter by accessing our guides (link to preparing your house for summer, preparing your house for winter).

To arrange a Maintenance Visit click here


Stopping condensation and mould 

Tenants can complain of damp problems in a rental property.  Often, if the property has adequate heating, ventilation and damp proofing the problem can be one of condensation.  This article gives a tenant some helpful tips in order to stop condensation and mould formation. Read More...


Preparing your Property in Summer

Summer is an ideal time to check you rpoperty to ensure that it continues to be maintained to a high standard - this article gives you tips on what to do.  Read More...


Preparing your Property for Winter

 Winter is rapidly approaching and along with it comes certain hazards for you and your home.  To ensure you continue to have a hassle free letting we have prepared some advice and checks that we recommend you undertake.  These should ensure that you get through winter without any problems and continue to enjoy your home.  Read More....


Replacement Key request

Unfortunately, people from time to time lose their keys. We offer a replacement key service whereby we can provide you with a replacement key once you've paid a relatively modest fee. Please note that this service is not suitable for emergencies. If you find yourself locked out outside of office hours we recommend you contact an emergency locksmith - note you must repair any damage to the property and provide new keys.

To request a replacement key click here.


Tenant Safety Tips

We are always trying to help our tenants and offer a hassle free service. To help our tenants, we are created some top tips for the safety and security of your person and your home. Read More....


Decorating your property

We've created a How to decorate your house guide that details techniques for getting a professional finish when painting. Read More. Read more about the general principles on decorating your home. Get your painting tips here.


Saving money on utility bills

Many people are paying more than they need to for their gas and electricity bills. This article focuses on helping tenants to get the best value gas and electricity bills.  Read More... You may want to consider getting free insulation in your home or taking another energy saving measure to reduce your energy bills - we're provided you with information about how to do this, Read More..


Keeping a pet at a rented property

If you would like to keep a pet at a property rented by K&G Lettings Limited, you must notify us of your intention and provide information on the type of pet that you would like to keep at a property. Read More...


Thinking of moving out?

We're sorry you're thinking of leaving your property. Please don't hesitate to contact one of the Lettings team if you'd like to discuss the situation.

Before you decide whether to move its important that you do certain things like check your tenancy to determine what you need to do before moving - otherwise you may be charged for ending your tenancy early. You can find out more by reading the following documents.

How to end your tenancy agreement

This article has been created to give the tenant the information they need to end their tenancy....Read More

Notifying us you intend to move out

We don't want you to leave, but notifying us in the correct way is important, so we've made a form to make this easier for you.  You can download it here...

What to do when your tenancy ends

This article is designed to answer this question for current and future tenants, with the aim of providing a hassle free service for our tenants. When renting a property a from K&G Lettings Limited, a tenant signs an Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement.  This tenancy agreement lasts for a fixed term (usually 6 or 12 months) and then reverts to a monthly periodic tenancy....Read More

Move-out Reminder

This document provides you with a guide to what may be required before you move out of a property and your responsibilities as a tenant to leave your property in a clean and undamaged condition. We have every intention of returning all of your deposit as long as you have fulfilled your agreement with us.  download....

Settlement Charges Guide 

This Guide contains a list of estimated charges of assorted items or jobs that may sometimes be required after a residence is vacated. All charges are including labour and any parts or materials required. Tenants are not responsible for normal wear and tear, although excessive wear and tear and neglect may incur charges which will be charged according to this schedule. download....


General questions about renting a property?

If you have general questiona about renting a property, for example you're unsure what some of the documents are for, then review our Tenant's Guide to renting a property for a range of information about the process of renting a property. Read more


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