A Tenant's guide: Preparing your home in summer

 This document gives you some helpful tips to prepare your home in summer, to ensure that it continues to be maintained to a high standard.


A Tenant's guide: to stopping condensation and mould

Tenants can complain of damp problems in a rental property.  Often, if the property has adequate heating, ventilation and damp proofing the problem can be one of condensation.  This article gives a tenant some helpful tips in order to stop condensation and mould formation


Tenants' Welcome pack

The welcome pack is one of the most important reference document for tenants, providing a range of information on where to find manuals for your appliances to what to do if you have an emergency.  It is an indespensible document that we recommend you browse through when you move in and return towhen you have a question about renting your property.


A Tenant's guide: to keeping a pet at a rented property

If you would like to keep a pet at a property rented by K&G Lettings Limited, you must notify us of your intention and provide information on the type of pet that you would like to keep at a property. 


K&G Lettings Limited’s Tenant site

Welcome to K&G Lettings Limited's Tenant site.

This site is designed to provide our Tenants with all of the information they need when renting a property; for example, you will find copies of the manuals that relate to the appliances in your property and information ranging from painting tips and what to do if your tap leaks, to what to do if you need a replacement key. This page will tell you how to use the Tenant website and help you access one of the most important pages - the Welcome Pack, which is a key way to navigate round the Tenant Website.


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