A Tenant's guide: an Assured Shorthold Tenancy

This article is designed to give tenants looking to rent a property, information on the most important documents issued and signed by both tenant and landlord – the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Many tenants sign an AST without understanding what the document contains and what conditions they will be required to fulfil as a result. This guide although not exhaustive due to the marked differences between ASTs, aims to provide sufficient guidance to ensure the tenant understands the types of conditions that are contained within a typical AST.


A Tenant's guide: Defining your housing requirements

This article aims to help tenants to determine their housing requirements.  It is important tenants choose a property which meets their needs and is within their budget.  This is increasingly important in turbulent economic times and will ensure tenants do not over extend themselves.  As landlords and letting agents K&G Lettings Limited often deal with tenants who have over extended themselves and then had to downsize to a more affordable property.  This creates extra expense and stress that can be avoided with a little extra planning and careful consideration of their housing requirements.


A Tenant's guide: Energy saving grants

Are you losing £100s on heating and powering your home?

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home means you use less energy to heat your home to the same temperature.  As you use less energy, you pay for less energy, leading to lower energy bills.  All homes can benefit from improved energy efficiency through improved insulation or more energy efficient appliances.

Energy efficiency and the impact on the environment has recently become headline news.  As a result, a range of grants are available for private tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  These grants mean that energy improvements can be made for zero or at very low cost.  This article will outline how private tenants in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire can receive these grants.


A Tenant's guide: Energy Performance Certificate

This article forms part of the K&G Lettings Limited Tenants guide series which aims to explain the basics when renting a property.  This article focuses on one of the key documents when letting a property - the energy performance certificate.


A Tenant's guide: Saving money on utility bills

Many people are paying more than they need to for their gas and electricity bills. This article will focus on helping tenants to get the best value gas and electricity bills.  It forms part of a series of articles designed to provide information for people who rent property.  Previous articles include how to determine the council tax band of a property and how to receive energy efficiency grants.


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